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Journal of Sexual Medicine and Reproductive Health is an international, open access peer reviewed journal publishing high quality articles in the division of Gender Identity, Sexual Dysfunctions, Psychosexual Disorders, Erectile dysfunction, Ejaculatory disorders, Fertility preservation, Hypogonadism (low testosterone), Klinefelter’s syndrome, Peyronie’s disease, Testicular failure, Varicocele, etc. Our experienced team of experts provides editorial excellence, rapid publication, and high visibility for your paper. 

The technical team closely supervises the mentioned criteria for publication: Originality, Novelty & Significance, Journal Scope, Methodology and readability of the submitted manuscript. All the submitted manuscript will undergo series of peer review evaluations and only accepted manuscripts by the experts will be considered for publication under the Journal Issues. The Journal of Sexual Medicine and Reproductive Health adheres to the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY) that enable the free distribution of an authors work upon properly citing the original source.

Journal of Sexual Medicine and Reproductive Health welcomes authors to contribute significant manuscripts (Research, Reviews, Cases, Clinical Images, Short Communication, Mini Reviews, Opinions, Letter to the Editor, Short Notes, etc.,) those falls under the journal scope. Please find our Author guidelines for more information. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact Sexualmedicine@jsmcentral.org

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