About Us

JSMCentral was initiated as an independent, peer reviewed, Open Access publishing organization with a mission to enhance progress in clinical medicine, lifesciences, engineering and chemistry to top a revolution in research education among the global scientific community. We strongly encourage and believe that  being open brings the best scientific values, by reading, sharing and contributing to advance science faster and to benefit society as a whole. 

Being “Open” doesn’t just include Open Access, it is about educating authors on the entire peer review process, helping them learn to improve on their raw manuscripts and educate upon the dissemination and the benefits on sharing the work. JSMCentral have constantly worked on gathering, sharing and to educate various research areas from all parts of the world.

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Get accessed on your research interest with our 2000+ full length publications evaluated under the presence of more than 15000 high-quality, peer-reviewed researchers, interactive physicians, educators, global scholars of scientific and medical community.

Since our inception, our Editorial and Review Board have made several advances that have significantly and measurably impacted and improved the articles published with us. Our Journals have published research that is not just been theoretical science, but has always had a patient-centered focus for improvising healthcare and human wellbeing. Every day, Universities, Institutions Hospitals and other Research Professionals are conducting groundbreaking research, asking “big” questions, and making discoveries leading to new treatments and cures.  JSMCentral truly embody the COPE guiding principles to portray international standards in every publication we evaluate and publish online. 

There are two fundamental goals of JSMCentral: understanding and gathering incredible research from basic science to the fundamental innovations and the clinical enterprise to the readers. We are committed to providing an unparalleled combination of expert educational resources to prepare and correct the underrepresented articles to high quality article with series of peer review process.