Societies and Associations

Together we look forward to help shape open access and provide numerous networking opportunities and help you grow your knowledge. We aim to connect and engage with peers, elected officials and experienced team helping to further the services with us. We are committed and dedicated in providing the best possible service to all our publishing partners

We are striving to gather societies and associations to

  • Support open access and help answer key questions in the scientific field
  • Keep up to date with publishing industry 
  • Improve the standards of current publishing
  • Build global experienced high quality network under single roof
  • Support researchers in their career obligations
  • Provide awareness on latest research happenings and new clinical advancements

Partner with us:

**JSM Central Editors are invited to help us join any associations you are member with or suggest us any associations to join.

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For Librarians

JSM Central has developed a range of resources to assist libraries with using, managing and promoting journals content. Based on the divisions, departments, we shall provide sorted access to your students for updating their knowledge with publishing industry. We are committed in designing your choice based access with us.

We are also open to promote your workshops, university events or departmental achievements on our portal. We aim building your network and make your achievements or activities open access.

We invite to engage your students with our

  • World class diversified Journals and digital resources
  • Learn more with our expert peer team with global diversity
  • Update with latest research happenings with range of options at our Journals
  • Unlock great directions to your research with experienced world class scientists
  • Multidisciplinary subject insights under single roof
  • Explore new complicated and challenging cases
  • Keep updated on top of news in the scientific community with our blog
  • Provide free Blogging opportunities for students with high readership and impact

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Collaborations and Media Partnerships

Collaborating with JSMCentral is a unique opportunity to reach a huge worldwide audience in a compelling way. We present your brand's message on our leading journals home page to impact better with our more than 1500 scholarly visitors each week. JSMCentral gives dedicated platform to our visitors to advertise career opportunities, seminars/sessions, workshops, new products, events or services.

Conference Media Partnerships: JSMCentral Media partnership gives you the accessibility to your delegates of pre-event and global branding opportunities, as well as giving you a target platform to drive your branding or subscriber acquisition campaigns by displaying your banners with us. We are obliged to share your conference headers to have mutual audiences visiting the websites impacting higher visibility to make your even successful. For more details on mutual media partnerships, you may contact