Author Academy

Welcome to the JSMCentral Journal Author Academy, a guide on writing and publishing your journal manuscript. We encourage you to learn completely on pre-requisites before you decide to write a manuscript. Hereby in author academy, we list the entire checklist needed for a publishing.

Checklist for Conducting Research

  1. Defining research questions and adapting the nature of research
  2. Research design
  3. Verifying the reliability, objective and validity
  4. Analyzing data & Interpreting Results
  5. Funding Sources

Checklist for Publication Planning

  1. Literature Search
  2. Purpose of Study
  3. Authorship in research
  4. Data Storage and Management

Checklist for Manuscript Writing

  1. Thorough glance at Author guidelines
  2. Grammar and Language
  3. Plagiarism check
  4. Study arrangement
  5. Clear representation of results & conclusions

Checklist for Journal Selection

  1. Understanding Journal scope
  2. Pre-submission inquiries
  3. Open Access Model
  4. Rapid Publishing
  5. Target audience campaign

Journal Submission Checklist

  1. Cover letter
  2. Formatting in accordance with Journal formatting guidelines
  3. Avoid duplicate submissions
  4. Ethical declarations & Informed consents
  5. Authorship Statements
  6. Acknowledgements

Manuscript under Process Checklist

  1. Manuscript status inquiries
  2. Requests to Editorial Office for a rapid processing (please inform at the time of submission)
  3. Understanding on basics of peer review processing
  4. Responding point to point raised by the reviewers in Response to Reviews sheet

Manuscripts Rejected Checklist

  1. Rejected points well mentioned
  2. Manuscripts re-written on all addressed concerns in rejection may be included for re-submission

Post Publication Checklist

  1. Make changes in Galley proof
  2. Unless you find the error free online version, kindly coordinate with Editorial Office
  3. Suggest your research network such as colleague/students list for campaigning your published article

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