Editor Guidelines

Becoming an editor is exciting but tedious task especially if you are working along with no day to day contact. Editors must adhere to Editorial guidelines of COPE.

An Engaging editor is considered to be a key to journals success. Journal Editors closely investigate multitude factorials such as quality of incoming scientific content, reviews, and changes in the system to improve the journal impact and visibility.

Before you choose:
  1. Please closely assess the journal before you join. Some aspects for assessment of a journal include, point of contact in the journal, timelines for the open issues, manuscripts undergoing reviews, policies, current process in the system.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. An Editor must initially learn about the Journal: Open Issues, Next upcoming issues, current articles, journal policies, fellow editorial colleagues.
  2. If any changes are required in the scope, kindly suggest the editorial office and will be updated.
  3. Closely discuss on the problems faced by the editorial office and provide suggestions those help to gather pool of high quality articles.
  4. Edit a Special Issue of your research interests if time permits, else support Editorial office to hold a special issue with multiple guest editors which may ease your task.
  5. Kindly respect decisions by your fellow editors and their decisions once given could not be modified unless there is a serious problem such as falsification, fabrication or plagiarism in the data.
  6. Make sure you keep the editorial office informed about your competing interests.
  7. Timely completion of editorial assignments is very important. But we do respect your other parallel commencing deadlines and commitments and thus request you to kindly inform the Editorial Office about your delay or unavailability.
  8. Monitoring journal performance is the key task to uplift journal standards. We look forward for timely suggestions, evaluation upon the Journal sections such as reviewing, incoming flow of articles, data available on the website and other additional new developments.
  9. An Editor need to advice in case of complex publishing ethics allegations and any related complex issues arose to the Journal.
  10. Editor need to be expert in subject matter and need to updated with his technical skills in day to day advancing research trends.