Special Issue

Special Issue articles submitted must cover the journal scope and should be of relevance to a wide international and multidisciplinary readership. Authors should note that the same criteria of quality, originality, and significance apply to articles submitted in Special Issues as to regular articles and could be prepared using the same author guidelines.

  1. Please send a detailed special issue proposal covering the scope of the Journal. Kindly be noted that the Special Issue articles do not cover perspective or opinion articles.
  2. Kindly provide brief information on your perspective of gathering special issue articles. Coverage scope, total number of articles  
  3. All the special issue articles shall be reviewed by the principle special issue editor and for articles authored by principle special issue editor shall be reviewed by independent reviewers assigned by the journal office.
  4. Special issue must be completed within the span of 3-5 months. Those issues crossing this deadline shall be merged under the regular issue.
  5. Full length Special Issue must not be less than 7 articles. Editorial office will be responsible for following up on these internal aspects of the special issue along with the special issue handling Editor.
  6. All Special issue articles must cover a single theme of Special Issue Title. Special issue editor conclude that the title does not suit the Special Issue theme then that article shall be published under regular issue.

Kindly write to info@jsmcentral.org regarding your proposals for initial review by the Journal Special Issue team.