JSMCentral membership aim is to provide a personalized solution and support for the Institutions, Groups, Societies, Researchers and Physicians to disseminate their scholarly work freely when publishing with open access by the following options
Annual Membership: The institution/Groups/Societies/Researchers/Physicians pays an annual fee which covers the APC for all the manuscripts which will be published under a specific journal. 

Institution/Societies: Any institution can make annual flat rate and can publish unlimited submissions to our journal which will be limited to only 10 authors and coauthors of the same institution. If the number is exceeded you will be charged accordingly.

Researchers/Physicians: Any Researcher can avail the benefit of annual membership by taking a part it and there will be no limitation for publishing the manuscripts.

Note: Annual Membership varies for Institutions and Individual Researchers.

  1. Monthly Invoice: The institutions/Groups/Societies/Researchers/Physicians will only pay for the articles which are accepted for publication in the journal on monthly basis. There will not be any cap for publishing the manuscripts under this membership and can avail a benefit of 20% discount on the APC charges raised for the monthly invoice.

What are the benefits of an Open Access Membership?

  1. Streamlined Article Processing Charges which saves the time for Institution librarians and Researchers
  2. Increased visibility of accepted articles from your institution/Individual Researchers
  3. Reasonable discounts on the APC for every open access article to encourage scientific community in publishing more manuscripts
  4. Bringing more awareness about open access publishing at your institution by making use of  APC funding.
  5. A dedicated and personalized open access page for your institution/Researcher.
  6. Customizing the APC invoice according to the Author/Institution choice like Annual/Monthly/Weekly/Daily.

We always appreciate and welcome the suggestions/thoughts of our scientific community which can be helpful for JSMCentral Membership.